Learn To Be A Good Line Art Illustrator

Learn to be a good Line Art Illustrator


Dylan Gibson

Line art illustrators can create traditional line art or digital line art.

Traditional Line Art

Traditional line art illustrators do not use computers. They draw by hand using pencils or pen and ink. Line art can also use printing techniques such as wood cut, etching, engraving or lithographs. Hand drawings begin with a rough sketch with broad lines which are later fine tuned to create the final drawing. As the artist progresses the illustration takes shape. A good eraser is part of the artist s toolkit to erase unwanted strokes in the drawing. Beginners start practising using a model or a photo for reference to improve their perception of proportions.

When the illustration starts looking more like the final drawing, the artist uses techniques such as stippling, cross hatching, shadows and highlights to create the details.

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Digital Line Art

Digital line art illustrators use computers and software to create their works of art. The most popular activity is the conversion of a photo into line art using Photoshop. Illustrator is one of the most common vector programs used by artists to create line art. Existing line art is scanned with the scanner s highest dpi or dots per inch for best image clarity.

Tips to become a good line art illustrator

Here are some expert tips that help to improve line art illustration skills

The light source is important while adding shadows and highlights to the illustration. Contrasts between the light and dark can vary in direct sunlight and candlelight. To understand this well, it is best to use a model or image to study the effect of the lighting and shadows caused by it.

While drawing, the pencil size must be varied. This means using a sharp pencil to draw the minute details and for creating dark shaded areas, blunt tips are suitable. A set of good graphite pencils that can be purchased at crafts stores is a good investment as you will find that the set of pencils are in varying degrees of hardness. Line art illustrators who intend to etch or carve must watch the depth of the line in detail. The lighter areas must be shaded with gentle strokes while the shadows require more depth. This is best done patiently. Lines can be thin or thick and indicates depth and motion. Thin lines are for fine details while thick lines represent solidity.

The right quality paper must be chosen as this can make a big difference to the way the finished illustration looks.

While drawing, the whole arm must be used, rather than apply pressure on the wrist. Using the arm helps to get better control over the lines.

A good line art illustrator puts in hours of practice to perfect his skill.

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Line Art Illustrator

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Urgent Loans: Reliable Fiscal Solution Under Urgent Situation



Samuel Herrick

It is a fast that financial contingency puts many salaried people in severe stressful condition. Due to the sudden entrance of emergency in your life that too in the mid of the month you must be running out of cash from your fixed and only monthly income. To sort out such unavoidable circumstances, the option of

urgent loans

is preferable. Through these loans all your financial worries can be easily sorted out with ease and comfort. These loans are specially designed for salaried people who need cash urgently. This helps you to manage your unforeseen cash crunches within due time.

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These loans are mainly framed to solve the demand of emergency on time without any obstacle. Loans Payday Today will be approved to you if you qualify on certain grounds. For that you should be 18 years or more than that and you should have an active valid bank account. Apart from that you also should have regular employment with minimum monthly income of $1000.

The loan money that you can borrow through these loans depends upon your monthly income and repayment capability. These loans allow you to borrow funds anywhere from $100 to $1500 with the time duration of 14 to 31 days. The loan money can be utilized to meet many unexpected needs like grocery bills, telephone bills, credit card dues, outstanding medical expense, car repair charges etc.

With the ease of online, you can apply for the loan without any hassle. Here plenty lenders are engaged with different free loan quotes. You can choose the most lucrative loan deal that suits you the best by comparing such quotes carefully.

loans payday today

can be obtained without any hassle and inconvenience of time-consuming loan processing. Now you don t have to face any hassle of messy lengthy paperwork formality and hectic credit check process. Furthermore, you don t even need to put any effort of faxing unnecessary documents. The approval of the loan comes faster and the required funds will be transfer in your account in less time.

Thus, with these loans all your financial tensions will be easily get eliminated from your life without any difficulty.

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Digital Camera Taking Care Of Exposure Controls

Submitted by: Roberto Sedycias

Now that you have decided on the type of digital camera you need, its resolution and the price you are likely to pay for it, you must have come close to making a decision about which models to consider. But there are still a few criteria to be evaluated before you take a decision.

One of them is the basic photographic controls. There might be colorful features like automatic panorama modes and bracketed color parameters, but the ones you need are the basic controls which will help you to take your favorite shots. So the next thing you should look for are the controls in each model along with the interface which will make these controls easier to understand and access.

Exposure control – It is one of the basic controls you should be interested in a digital camera. This will depend on your decision to buy a fully automatic snapshot or an advanced camera. With the advance in technology, automated cameras have become very common with manual controls being available in specially designed and costly ones. Manual controls help you to deal with the harsh back-lighting problem in a better way. Manual controls will keep the colors and tones in the right way. It will give you the necessary control in many exceptional situations.

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Parameters of exposure control – The parameters used in exposure control are aperture, shutter speed and ISO. There are various shooting modes which provide a control over your exposure in a digital camera. One of them is the program mode which takes all the decisions regarding exposure. These are suitable for most occasions. More difficult situations demand the use of preset exposure modes. It is tailored to offer different options for different situations. The best is of course the priority modes. The aperture priority mode lets you set a particular aperture allowing the camera to select the relevant shutter speed. And the shutter priority mode lets you choose the shutter speed.

Reciprocity – By choosing a proper aperture and shutter speed, you can control the amount of light focusing on the image sensor. Your objective is to get an image which is just right in brightness and which covers all the details. But if you change the aperture in one direction, you have to change the shutter speed in the other direction. Therefore, the relationship is said to be reciprocal between shutter speed and aperture. This means that for a number of positions of both parameters, light striking the focal plane will be the same. Some digital cameras provide an automatic reciprocity control. This is a useful feature you need to keep an eye on when buying a digital camera.

Exposure compensation control – There is a light meter in a digital camera which makes sure that you get the perfect combination of shutter speed and aperture to get a good image. But sometimes, there is a need for under exposure or over exposure which can be done only with manual controls. The exposure compensation controls helps you to do this. Almost all types of cameras have this feature which can provide the under or over exposure. Make sure that this feature is easily available to you in the camera. Opt for the camera which either offers this on its body or through a menu within a touch away. You should be able to do this without compromising with your grip over the camera.

ISO scale – Another important feature you should look out for in a digital camera is the white balance and ISO. The ISO scale measures the film speed. The faster the film, the less exposure and lower light it will require to be shot. But graininess increases with film speed. Thus, you need to select a type of film and its speed, which will remain the same throughout the roll. Having made your decision about the exact features necessary, you can now make your choice and buy the best digital camera for you.

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Connecting Lines: Computer Networking Explained

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Submitted by: Benedict Smythe

In a nutshell, computer networking is basically a cluster of computers linked together in a way that it can transmit data and share resources. These sets of connections do not necessitate that the computers bear the same operating systems (OS); it does not even require that similar types of gadgets be used. A perfect example is a personal data assistant (PDA). One may connect a PDA to a laptop over a network. Even kitchen appliances like the internet enabled refrigerator uses networking to activate its surfing functions.

How Is Networking Done?

There are various methods to link computers and other gadgets to a network. And among the plethora of ways and means, the most common networking method is the use of cables. The market provides an assortment of cables from copper-wired to fiber optics each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Copper Wire: Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable (UTP)

The UTP is one of the frequently utilized cables for a local area network (LAN) connection, which is essentially linking a few computers within a small geographical area (thus the name, LAN). Going back to the UTP, this is composed of two unshielded and insulated copper wires coiled and twisted together to diminish electrical interference. This type of cable is often opted due to its flexibility, easy maintenance and low cost. The downside, it can (and will) possibly receive severe blows from electrical interference.

Fiber Optics

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Data is exchanged by sending voltages along the wire. But for fiber optics, the data is transmitted through light pulses. While the UTP has copper, fiber optics has threadlike strands of glass, or silica. The process goes like this: the laser translates digital signals into pulses of light and conveys it down the series of glass strands. Fiber optics offer rapid data correspondence, though this speed comes with a price, a pocket burning price. With that said, this kind of connection is often seen being utilized by huge internet service providers (ISP) and data centers, not in office or home networks.

Network Topology: Bus Network

Simply put, network topology is the physical formation of the network. And the bus network is the most straightforward among the various network topologies. Let us begin with the bus. All the machines link up to a linear transmission channel, or the bus.

In operation, when a computer sends off data through the bus, all connected machines can see the data, otherwise known as packet. These packets possess pieces of information tagged as packet headers. And these headers, in turn, reflect the recipient or to which computer or machine the data is intended for. The bus inspects the header: if it is for that computer then the whole packet is recognized and received, but if it is not, it will be merely ignored.

The Downside: One at a Time

Unfortunately, the bus can only handle a single data at any given time. In here, two is a crowd. Imagine what could happen if three computers in the network simultaneously transmit data. Well, you will certainly have a few network problems if this collision happens. Speaking of collision, if and when two computers concurrently send data, the main computer (or the first one that notices the collision) will transmit a blocking sign onto the bus. This will trigger a standstill among the linked computers preventing any further data exchange.

Network Interface Cards (NIC)

NICs usually control the to and fro or the transmission of packets across the wires bridging the computers in a single network. It also provides a venue of communication among the computers.


Hub is intended for small-scale computer networking. The problem with this is that it does not sort packets, meaning the data may be sent to the wrong recipient. Another is that the data will be open for everyone in the network. Security wise, this is not the way to go.


To speed things up, this is a network device that diffuses data packets between two networks bearing different protocols. Yes, it is that blinking box that allows you to connect to the web.

There you go. This is simply scratching the surface of networking. You may opt to scour the internet for more information.

About the Author: The Auther of this article is Benedict Yossarian. Benedict recommends New Horizons IT courses such as MCSE, CCNA and

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Microsoft Great Plains: Annual Enhancement Program How To Be Re Enrolled

By Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains is mid and even corporate market ERP and as being relatively complex and difficult to do self-support in-house, Microsoft Business Solutions requires you first to have so-called VAR of record, or your MBS partner and second – pay annual enhancement program, which is typically 16% of you software price list. Enhancement program allows you to get new version of the product as well as purchase and add new modules you might need. Plus you get discounts on the technical support cases placed to Microsoft Business Solutions technical support directly.

In the recession time of recession 2000-2004 – a lot of clients decided not to pay the enhancement program and save some money, needed for staying in business. Among them were mostly small and mid-size businesses, however we see corporate clients as well with 40 users Great Plains eEnterprise and more. In 2004-2005 the economic situation improved substantially and businesses are back to IT investments. In this small article we’ll show you your options to re-enroll into enhancement program and upgrade your system:

– Re-enrollment fee. If you need to get back to enhancement program, minimal re-enrollment fee is 35% of the software price list. This amount incorporate 16% enhancement program plan. So, the penalty of being out of the program is 19% – if you stayed without support all the recession years – say four – you saved some money and I don’t think you should be unhappy. Go ahead and re-enroll

YouTube Preview Image

– VAR of Record. Your company had tough time three years ago, your former Great Plains Partner had the same of even larger problems, trying to stay in business. Maybe it is not around anymore. Then you need to do research – who could be your new MBS reseller. Choose between local and nation-wide MBS partners. If you have a lot of customization and integration – you probably have to sacrifice local presence and seek somebody who has very good customization experience. The switch from your old partner to the new is very straightforward – you need to sign Change VAR form and fax it to MBS or your new MBS partner

– Upgrade. If you on MS SQL Server and do not have customization, only ReportWriter reports: SOP Invoice, POP Purchase Order, etc., then the upgrade should be simple. Great Plains Professional (high end, more than 10 users) and Standard (low end, up to 10 users) are still Great Plains Dexterity based applications and now they are on MS SQL Server only (Pervasive SQL and Ctree support and upgrade is discontinued). Upgrade should be done by outside consultant through Great Plains Utilities. If you have customizations, then your new partner should explore your Great Plains Workstation: DYNAMICS.SET (to identify Dexterity third parties, you use), FORMS.DIC (Modified forms: Modifier/VBA), REPORTS.DIC (Modified reports: Invoice, PO, or the like) plus if you have Integration Manager integrations (IM.MDB) and SQL custom stored procedures – if any. This might be paid assignment to estimate – and you will have the clear picture on what you have, and what you might need for the new version.

– Additional Considerations. Other custom pieces you might have could be: Crystal Reports, web applications, such as eCommerce – this is good candidate to be rewritten in Vb.Net or C#.Net with Great Plains eConnect

Good luck and you can always seek our help in customization, implementation, integration and support. Call us: 1-866-528-0577 or 1-630-961-5918, help@albaspectrum.com

About the Author: Andrew Karasev is Chief Technology Officer in Alba Spectrum Technologies – USA nationwide Great Plains, Microsoft CRM customization company, serving Chicago, California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia, New York, Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, Continental Europe, Russia and internationally (





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Bamboo Flooring A New Trend

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Submitted by: Dave Michaels

Bamboo flooring is a type of wood flooring that has gained popularity in the recent years. Bamboo is a type of grass that grows all over Southeast Asia, and China and it has become a high quality alternative to the traditional hard wood floors seen in the past. Bamboo flooring has become especially popular in the southeast and west coast areas due to its solidness and appearance. Professionals in the flooring business are always looking for good flooring materials to promote to their clients. They are looking for high quality floors that look good and withstand everyday lifestyles as well. Bamboo flooring does both these things and that is why it is a good flooring material choice.

Bamboo stalks mature in just five years and reach heights well over 50 ft. Since bamboo renews itself naturally it is an environmentally friendly alterative to using wood from trees which can take anywhere from 50 to 100 years to mature. Bamboo, a type of grass, grows into a material that is very hard and durable. Bamboo can grow in areas with fair to poor soil, making it one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Even after harvesting bamboo continues to grow vigorously, which makes it an extremely good alternative to other flooring options.

YouTube Preview Image

Bamboo floors are a great way of adding value to your home since they are just as hard, durable, and attractive as traditional hardwood floors. When people are looking for floors for their home, they look for durability, fair pricing, and good looks. Bamboo flooring not only looks fashionable and attractive it is also very durable, almost as hard as steel! It is also environmentally friendly which is beginning to make it more popular. More and more suppliers are starting to carry bamboo floors.

Bamboo flooring comes in colors like lightwood, honey, dark wood, and amber which have all been known to be popular. Carbonization and pressure steaming are techniques used to create the dark colors seen on a lot of bamboo floors. Bamboo flooring panels can also be arranged in many different pattern types. Patterns that are usually seen are vertical or flat grain and bamboo floors are usually nailed down or floated. Unfinished as well as pre-finished bamboo panels are available and can be found online sold by bamboo suppliers or in flooring centers.

Bamboo floors are always a good option when you are looking to buy a new floor. Bamboo floors are cost effective, durable, stable, fashionable, and environmentally friendly. Any homeowner looking to buy a new floor should really give bamboo a chance since they really are a cheaper alternative to traditional hardwood floors and are very easy to maintain. Bamboo floors have become more popular in the more recent years and can add value to your home.

About the Author: Dave Michaels writes on home, health and computer subjects. For more bamboo tips visit




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Make Money Selling Information

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Submitted by: Kerry Mann

Selling information is a great way to make money. You can write this information yourself and sell it on eBay or on a website. EBay is also a great way to test the waters and see how well your item will sell before you decide to create an entire website for the item.

Anyone can make money online selling information. You can list items on eBay for less than a dollar. At one time I was making over $2200.00 per month just selling information How to guides on eBay. The beauty is you write the How to guide one time and sell it over and over again.

I have sold information packets that I have shipped out and I have sold ebooks (electronic books). A simple document converted to a PDF file. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. Ebooks are commonly in the PDF format, because it can be viewed by anyone with a PDF reader and easily printed out. Most computers have this installed in them already.

Adobe.com offers a free adobe reader. When selling my guides in PDF format, I always include a link to adobe s free PDF reader. Adobe.com also offers a 30-day free trial for their PDF writer/converter. Or try download.com for a PDF converter. This is a simple program that can covert your Microsoft Works or Word files to PDF format.

YouTube Preview Image

You can write an information How to guide about anything you specialize in. EBay is a great place to do this. I have sold the following information packets on eBay:

* How to Make a Living at Online Poker

* How to Start a Home Daycare

* How to Prospect as a Real Estate Agent

* How to Get a Job Overseas

* How to Make Money Reselling Wheelchairs

For each of these How to guides I was either experienced in the area or a family member of mine was. My wife ran a home daycare, my sister worked overseas, etc.

Depending on the information you are selling it can be better to sell the hard copy instead of the ebook. If you are selling a business start up kit people see more value in a tangible item being shipped to them, as opposed to a downloaded ebook.

Even though it is the same information. I sold more poker guides in the ebook format because people wanted it instantly. And this is the case with most buyers; they want their information now.

As a side note to this- There is an ebook breaking records at clickbank called ExpressProfitsOnline This ebook share ideas and information for making money on eBay- I haven t read it- Please provide some feedback if you have. It is currently number one on clickbank for the term eBay

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Grand Canyon Helicopters Are Terrific Memorial Day Tours

Submitted by: Luke Plunket

Can you imagine a better way to celebrate Memorial Day than by taking a terrific Grand Canyon helicopter tour? Memorial Day 2013 falls on Monday, May 27, and plenty of folks will turn it into a 3-day weekend. The Grand Canyon is a popular holiday destination, and chopper tours usually sell out very quickly. I urge you to book now if you decide to take one of these great adventures.

Grand Canyon helicopters fly out of Tusayan, Arizona (just outside the South Rim gates) and Las Vegas, Nevada. Flights take off hourly and are running on their regular schedules over the holiday. Flights out of Tusayan visit the South Rim, while Vegas flights head for Grand Canyon West (a/k/a the West Rim).

Each departure point has some great things to offer.

South Rim Grand Canyon Helicopters

YouTube Preview Image

Air-only and landing flights are offered at the South Rim. The two tours that are the most popular are the 30-minute and 50-minute air-only flights. Both take off from Grand Canyon National Park Airport at Tusayan. The 30-minute version flies from the South Rim to the North Rim and back. The 50-minute tour makes the same flight, but adds everything up to the eastern boundary of the National Park (even the fabulous Painted Desert!).

Two fantastic landing tours are also offered. One includes the 30-minute flight I mentioned above and adds a terrific Harley motorcycle ride through the National Park. The other combines the flight with an amazing sunset 4×4 ride to the edge of the canyon. Seats are limited, so book quickly if one of these packages interests you.

Las Vegas Grand Canyon Helicopters

Vegas helicopters only fly to the West Rim. If you ll be in Vegas but want to see the South Rim, I suggest booking one of the airplane packages that include a South Rim helicopter tour.

The West Rim also offers air-only and landing helicopter tours. One of the best things about West Rim helicopter tours is the fact that this is the only place in the entire Park where choppers can fly below the rim and land on the canyon bottom.

The air-only tours are terrific, though, especially for travelers who are short on time. On the way to the canyon they pass over sights like Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Grand Cliffs Wash. Once your chopper arrives, you ll fly over the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk (the Glass Bridge ) before turning for home.

Landing flights are more comprehensive, and as such, they re my favorites. The tour that lands on the canyon floor and includes a champagne picnic is a terrific pick for Memorial Day. The trip down is a 3,500-foot descent and you ll picnic next to the Colorado River! A smooth-water rafting tour is a popular add-on for this flight.

Another popular landing flight includes VIP access to the world-renowned Glass Bridge. Constructed entirely of glass, the Skywalk lets travelers walk 70 feet out past the rim s edge. At its apex, you ll be standing about 4,000 feet above the bottom with incredible views all around you!

Wrapping Up

Memorial Day weekend is closing in on us fast. If you ll be in the area, I recommend taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour while you re there. Holiday flights typically sell out fast, and this is the first real holiday of the summer. That makes it smart to book your seats at least a week ahead.That makes it smart to book your seats at least a week ahead. Lastly, book your tour online as that’s the surefire way to get the lowest rates possible.

About the Author: Travel editor Luke P. is an expert on

helicopter tours

to the Grand Canyon and recommends using these coupons:




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Are Their Many Divorces In New York City?

Are their many divorces in New York City?



Somewhere one can read that there were around 29,000 divorces in the state of New York in 2003 while the leading New York Times once reported that the divorce rate in NY is not as high as many people think! Regardless of the statistics and word of mouth, one can notice that annulment of marriages or divorces are not a very pleasant experience for the couple, the family, or the

YouTube Preview Image

New York divorce attorney

. To be quite frank this happening after the loving event of a marriage can never be pleasurable anywhere in the world! One researcher hailing from an affiliated college in the British University of Cambridge undertook a qualitative study to understand the reasons for divorces in the most important and opportunity giving metropolis of the United States. He found that there were not causes for divorces that could be easily understood though most of the reasons were common around the world and witnessed in almost any nation.

The study gave a realistic inference that couples have many different reasons for seeking a divorce and the best person to consult in this context is a divorce attorney or lawyer who specializes in this type of litigation etc. The

New York divorce attorney

is therefore having a very busy working schedule throughout the year whereby many cases are mutually solved but several couples still end up in a separation, annulment or divorce. The most successful attorney in this trade would be the one who can avoid the divorce and can efficiently solve the case in a mutually agreeable manner. Still we cannot overrule the fact that divorces will not happen since sometimes the reasons can be genuine where one party or the other commits a fault that is looked as a good enough reason the annul any marriage. Our scholar from UK did somehow conclude that though New York City or State has many divorces, the reasons are not always the same as those encountered in the other parts of the world. From a point of view of relationships one can surmise that two people need consultation whenever there is friction in their relationship and the best attorney competent to handle marriage problems and consequent divorces is invariably required to straighten things out as they should be.

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World Cup Brings More Investment Opportunities For Instrumentation Industry

By Himfr Tian

England’s 1-4 defeat to Germany in the war under this terrible wrong response Uruguayan referee exclamation. This should be the two passionate lovers of the confrontation, but because the referee away like the two false positives.

If not the world’s misjudgment, perhaps 2010 will be stationed in eight strong history rewritten. In fact, solve the “miscarriage of justice in the world” approach has long before, that is, the introduction of intelligent machines, the referee has the equipment will be perspicacious, “court injustice” will be resolved.

Instrumentation industry has been high for six consecutive years to keep the economy running state. Although the financial turmoil, economic growth has slowed in all sectors, but it now appears, instrumentation industry growth has not slowed down. The investment opportunities in the industry will also burgeoned.

First, the industry will maintain steady growth. Entered in May 2010, instrumentation industry in the first quarter of the growth data are that the 2008 and 2009 after the financial crisis and the aftershocks of the financial crisis is ushering in a new wave of momentum.

YouTube Preview Image

Measuring instruments and electronic industry-specific equipment industry investment growth over 50%, the electronic information industry, stimulating the rapid growth of investment has played an important role. Electrical appliance industry sales value rose 31.92 percent, exports up by 30.13% and so on.

Second, the demand potential. At present China’s national economy maintained sustained, rapid and healthy development in macro-control policies and the implementation of proactive fiscal policy to expand domestic market demand.

National economic sectors will have a large number of enterprises to improve product quality, cost-effective to carry out technological transformation, particularly in countries in the past two years on the metallurgical, petrochemical, paper and other key technological transformation seven sectors, will form on the instrumentation needs of the larger metallurgy, petrochemical, and environmental protection in the field of continuous production process takes automation instrumentation and control systems 1.3 million pieces (sets) or more, which the master device (large-scale DCS, the small and medium DCS, PLC, a single, multi-loop controller ) more than 15 million units (sets), the transmitter about 25 million units, instrumentation up to 50 million units, more than 20 million units, valves, a new generation of Fieldbus-type industrial control system requirements will have a larger growth; research, education, agriculture, environmental protection, meteorology.

Third, the policy will be increasing support. With the series of the implementation of national key projects, has been neglected instrumentation industry increasingly have the attention and support. In addition, the “12 5″ period, China will have to continue to implement and re-start key projects, these projects bring enormous business opportunities for equipment instrumentation, policy support instrument posed a direct positive.

In addition, the import and export will be more balanced. Although the instrumentation industry has been rapid development, but the gap remains large and foreign. But in recent years a number of products in overseas market expansion. Data show that last year China instrument industry export delivery value up 39.2%, export value of more than a quarter of GDP.

These data suggest that the rapid growth of the industry driven by exports rather obvious, but at the same time, changes in the international market impact of the industry also increased. Exports to meter, water meter, represented by labor-intensive products are still bright spots, China has become the largest exporter of two types of products.

Investment strategy, with the acceleration of national infrastructure and policy support, the next two years the overall growth of instrumentation industry remained at 20%. Investors are advised to focus on investment targets such as gold from the Tengen.

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